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Tuna fishing is good year round, the fishing tactics and areas change up depending on the time of year. You can fish for big yellowfin tuna at the lump January through April along with some good wahoo fishing close by. Then the tuna seem to push back out to the floaters and drill ships after April. Which will last through to September, it’s s a lil further run and you get more of the smaller schooling tuna 30-100 lbs fish. October through November the yellowfin tuna push back into shallow water behind the shrimp boats where you can catch some big tuna during that time. It’s amazing to see how all the different types of fish are in a feeding frenzy behind those boats. Sword fishing is good year round as well and gets really good from March till end of September. Dolphin typically start showing up around May and get better on into the summer months we can catch them trolling rips along the grass or while we are live baiting for tuna at offshore rigs. Marlin fishing starts to heats up when the water temperature starts warming up and goes on till September. We typically catch them trolling rips with big trolling baits or live baiting around the offshore rigs and drill ships. It’s always a show when you hook up to one and even more of a battle with stand up gear. 

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